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I was born in 1993 and raised in Carmel, California. In high school, I played piano and clarinet, wrote prose and code, and ran track & field. I still do those things to this day. My hobbies include racing the 400m and 800m, hiking, rock climbing, and improvising on the piano in a classical style.

I attended Harvard for undergrad, where I planned to major in computer science but found myself taking enough music classes to double-major. My favorite course was Classical Improvisation, taught by Robert Levin, which explored and carried on the largely unknown practice of improvising in classical music.

After college, I worked for Google, helping train machine learning applications in the audio domain. Though I was on a team with professors and PhDs working on fascinating cross-domain problems, I desired a more tangible connection to the world and its political and social topics.

I received a master’s degree in journalism at Stanford in 2018. The small but innovative program led by media economist James T. Hamilton honed my focus toward computational journalism, an emerging field about the tools people use to discover, write, and share stories.

I am now leading development at DocumentCloud, a website investigative journalists use to upload, analyze, and publish collections of documents – including the Mueller Report, Luxembourg Leaks, and prior Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Roselló’s leaked chats. DocumentCloud is part of public records non-profit MuckRock, based in Cambridge, MA. As a remote worker, I am frequently traveling but based on the east coast of the US.

In the fall of 2019 I taught a class on data journalism as adjunct faculty at Temple University, in Philadelphia. The class was focused on finding and analyzing datasets, learning and applying design principles, and building websites from scratch in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.