Curriculum vitae


Dylan Freedman

(831) 747-4162 |


Stanford University
M.A., Journalism
Expected to graduate June 2018

Harvard University
B.A., Computer Science and Music
Graduated May 2015

Select publications

Jort F. Gemmeke, Daniel P. W. Ellis, Dylan Freedman, Aren Jansen, Wade Lawrence, R. Channing Moore, Manoj Plakal, Marvin Ritter
Audio Set: An ontology and human-labeled dataset for audio events. Proc. IEEE ICASSP 2017
(paper - website - conference)

Dylan Freedman, Eddie Kohler, Hans Tutschku
Correlating Extracted and Ground-Truth Harmonic Data in Music Retrieval Tasks. ISMIR 2015: 561-567
(paper - web demo - slides - conference)

Dylan Freedman (advised by Craig Martell and George Dinolt)
A Novel Approach to Text Compression Using N-Grams. Intel International Science Fair 2010

Dylan Freedman
Efficient True Random Number Generation. Intel International Science Fair 2009


Google, 2013-2017
Software Engineer, Researcher, Intern (’13, ’14)

  • designed interfaces for large-scale sound classification
  • created website from scratch
  • developed framework to process linguistic attributes from text
  • made a server in Go, Dart, and AngularJS to analyze text

Harvard Cultural Observatory, 2012
Research Intern

  • designed interface to parse 1% of all incoming Twitter activity
  • created SQL databases to store n-grams from Twitter archives
  • developed website to graph n-gram statistics and cultural trends

Self-employed, 2011-2012

  • created Android image merging app
  • performed large-scale data mining on U.S. Customs records
  • scraped database of Missouri court cases for University of Chicago

Naval Postgraduate School, 2010-2011
Research Intern

  • researched detecting authorship of text messages
  • designed data structure to secretly store data on Android phones
  • created hash in Java to compress large-scale n-gram models


Programmer, Designer, Composer


  • Web: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Dart
  • Back-end: Python, C, C++, Go, OCaml, Java, C#, Objective-C
  • Miscellaneous: Bash, SQL, Lex, Yacc, LaTeX, Mathematica, APL


  • Adobe Suite, Sketch, Final Cut Pro
  • Reason, Logic, Ableton, Audacity



  • classical piano improvisation
  • clarinet, alto saxophone

Track & Field

  • 400m: 51.41s (2011)
  • 800m: 1:58.80 (2011)


Harvard, 2015
John Knowles Paine Fellowship

Carmel High School, 2011

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, 2009-2010
Navy, IEEE, Airforce awards